Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Love Photoshop

I've been trying to figure out some new stuff in photoshop lately and just thought I would show some of my new affects. Here is a pic of my brother Corey at Beaver Mt. that I made all the adjustments to. There are more but here is the start.


one of my favorites

Nice look

Polaroid Transfer, time to throw away your daylab


Kind of cool haze and color

More normal color with glow

Kind of a dual tone (ish)

I'll post more later.

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Heather & Dave said...

Ohhh, I like the "more normal color with glow" and "one of my favorites!" You, my friend have many talents...great job! Were these tough to do? You may have to teach me your tricks. I missed you & the Lady on Sunday. I'm getting sick of sitting alone. I bet the run was fun down south though. Lets get together soon!