Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Card

My team would like to wish you a merry Christmas. I have been laughing at this since we shot it! I have a pretty sweet crew for sure!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dark Ops Wii Gun now for sale!

Hey, just thought I would tell you guys that this new Wii gun that I photographed a few weeks back is now for sale. 

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pizza night!

So about every 6 months we have pizza night with some of our friends from Logan. This time around we had a little studio set up and though we would take full advantage of it.

There are a few more on my photo blog if you want to check them out. I think the kids photos turned out very colorful and in character.

Friday, November 28, 2008

oh so good

Casey and I went to my favorite place to eat when the weather gets cold.  Unfortunately they have changed their business hours.  No more going in for lunch on a Saturday and no more going in past 3:00 during the week.  Now I can never go there to eat yummy soup unless  I have the day off.  Oh well, I'll enjoy it when I can.  My personal favorite is Lobster and Golden Pepper Bisque.  I can't get enough!
Is there another really good soup place that I don't know about?

To bad we don't have this place in SLC.  

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Blog for Casey

Hello everybody. I want to let you know that (once again), I have a new blog. I have been trying to put Moveable Type on my blog but couldn't get the database to work with it. So I finally figured out Wordpress and uploaded that.

Anyways, Please link to my new blog. It is www.caseyhyer.com/blog/

Also there is a link on my photo site www.caseyhyer.com


If you are interested in checking out my brother Corey and his wife KrisAnn's new baby girl. I threw a few pics up on the new blog. She is really really cute. Basically the perfect baby. A few people have asked if I have photoshopped her perfect (like I sometime do), but the files are straight from the camera.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

b flat theory

You always learn something new when you go to a Mason Jennings concert. Apparently there is a supermassive black hole emanating a B flat note that is 57 octaves below middle C so we can't hear it but it's resonating the earth. Supposedly B flat does some very strange and mysterious things. Many love songs are also written in B flat. The moral is that we all need to absorb the B flat sound and spread love to everyone. What, you don't believe all this mumbo jumbo hippy nonsense? Just listen to Mason. . . he knows what he's talking about.
** thanks Jared for the article.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

50% off flights anywhere TODAY ONLY

So I just found this amazing deal through southwest. Anywhere they fly is 50% off.
Here is the link

Friday, November 7, 2008

Overworked and Underpaid

I found these photos of Casey from way back in the day and I thought they described what my job has been making me feel the past few weeks (months?).  

I get a long weekend to take a deep breath, let out a big sigh, and make some goals for Monday so I won't overwork myself anymore.  Here's to taking it easy. . . 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A few more climbing pics

It seems like I've been falling off of this climb forever Mike, but this weekend I felt close. Hopefully sometime this winter when we go back I'll get it.

It's called the Waltz (12d) and it is at Turtle Cave in St. George. Here goes the crux:

First move, big and easy
Then throw up and left to an edge and do a big move out to a gastone.

Here is the hard part for me. Mostly because I am uncoordinated. Hit this little edge 1/8" ish and flat.
At this point you are home free!
Scott did an amazing job on Actual Parchment (13b). Fell off the top like 80 times but that means he'll do it easy next time.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Extreme Hammoking

So we went to St. George this weekend and did some extreme hammocking. Alisa got some serious reading done. I thought it was kinda cute.

Halloween at Stampin Up

So we were Dorothy and her Munchkins (lollipop guild) for Halloween at work. We didn't even go all out. Check out what other people did.

Photo & Video by Kristian Werner

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Old Photos

A few years ago Casey was given all the old photos my dad had of him and his family and he scanned then all and touched them up. I'm grateful he was able to do that. I love looking at old photos and getting a glimpse of the past. And I love hearing my Dad's stories ab0ut when he was growing up and what his life was like. Our trip to New York reminded me of these photos so I thought I would share a few. Well, actually it was very hard for me to choose so I am sharing a lot of them.
My dad Ed, in his crib outside of the farmhouse on Hosenfeld Road

Little Eddie

My dad and his Aunt Better who we got to see on our visit.

He looks a lot like my nephew Ethan here.

My personal favorite. What a great photo of the essence of childhood.

What a sharp lookin' fella.

May dad and his Aunt Betty blowing bubbles. Now that's America!

I love this one too.

Look at those ears! Just kidding dad, you look very nice in your suit.

That is one sweet bike! I wish I had a cruiser like that.

My Grandparents wedding picture.

My Grandma and her little sister.

My dad was a band geek! A man loves his trumpet.

My dad with his mom and my great grandparents. Are those brownies on the kitchen table? No boxed brownies back then just pure homemade goodness.

Another shot of Eddie with his trumpet case in hand. Probably on his way to a very important performance.

When we went to see his childhood friend Richard and his wife Carolyn, they brought out their old photo albums and many more entertaining photos were revealed. There was a phase when my dad looked like a logger with a big beard and there were some other shots where he resembled a young and rebellious Paul Newman. Doesn't it just fascinate you a little to think about what your parents were like before you were around?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New York

Casey and I had a fantastic trip to NY with my family.  We hit up the Big Apple and then went upstate to where my dad grew up.  
I love vacations. . . 

That's right, I have a road named after me in NY.  Don't mess.

Here's the fam hanging out at Watkins Glen.  It was beautiful.

my dad sitting on the porch outside the house he grew up in
It was fun to see him at his old stomping grounds.

I can't get enough of the next three photos that Casey took.  I know he already posted them on his photo blog but I love them.  This one is at the Sacred Grove in Palmyra.

Niagara Falls

Watkins Glen

Rockefeller Center

Hatches has some major competition with their hot chocolate.  We went to Max Brenner and just about died of  rich chocolate overload.  If we had this place in Utah I would be spending all my money there and I would be about 75 pounds heavier.

Thanks mom and dad for taking us, we loved it.  Let's start planning the next trip!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Funny

Casey and I found this pretty dang entertaining.  Casey works with someone who talks like this after drinking a whole mug of hot chocolate from Hatch Family Chocolate.  It's pretty much 100% melted chocolate.  So he was not so much nervous as hyper.
p.s. Hatches has the best hot dark chocolate and frozen bananas dipped in caramel and chocolate I have ever tasted.  Check it out, it is so yummy. . .
This has kind of turned into a post more about how delicious Hatches is, oh well you should still go there.

this one is pretty good too.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New images for Julie

Hey guys, check out the lasted photo shoot for Julie on my photo blog and web site.  I convinced Alisa to be one of the models.  On my site they are under the people link.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Blog for Casey's Photos

Hey guys, please add my photo blog to your list! I would really appreciate it.
Anyways, I just got back from Maple Canyon. I posted some pics on my other blog. I even got a photo of myself climbing just for Susan (Alisa's mom).
check it out.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New York List of things to do

I'm going to New York with Alisa and her family soon, and I'm trying to put together a list of things to do while we are there. Anybody have any input? We are only going to be in the city for 2 days, then off to upstate.

Here are the few things that have been suggested

Central Park
The Met
Rosa Mexicano is highly recommended
Max Brenners (Where have you been all my life)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Baptist Draw

Just got back from Baptist Draw with Alisa and some of her family. It was a pretty sweet 8 mile canyon in the middle of no where. Special thanks to Jared and Nanette for going a few weeks ago to check it out for us. It would have been crazy to find our way around without him! And even though Nanette couldn't go, we appreciated her weather insights.

Here are some images from that morning.

What a babe!

The group

Ryland on the first rappel.

Second rappel

There was a ton of mud! It was kind of nasty, but it did stay pretty the whole way through.

Dried mud is much more fun than wet mud. In case you didn't know.
8 miles of this. It never really got old.