Saturday, November 22, 2008

b flat theory

You always learn something new when you go to a Mason Jennings concert. Apparently there is a supermassive black hole emanating a B flat note that is 57 octaves below middle C so we can't hear it but it's resonating the earth. Supposedly B flat does some very strange and mysterious things. Many love songs are also written in B flat. The moral is that we all need to absorb the B flat sound and spread love to everyone. What, you don't believe all this mumbo jumbo hippy nonsense? Just listen to Mason. . . he knows what he's talking about.
** thanks Jared for the article.


Jared said...

I live my life by the B-Flat theory... (not really, but it would be nice)

We should all listen to some songs in B-Flat such as
-Mason Jennings "I love you and Buddha too" and "sorry signs on cash machines"
-Mozart's final piano concerto (K. 595 in B flat)
-Haydn's Symphony No. 98
-Beethoven Sonata No. 29
-Brahms* Concerto No. 2
-Elton John *Can You Feel the Love Tonight
-Beatles* Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
-Pink Floyd * The Great Gig In The Sky

There is a overwhelming theme/feeling of love and understanding that accompanies this tone.

Alisa and Casey said...

Hear hear!

D,H,&E Cooper said...

I love that you love Mason. I love that you introduce me to his genius. Have you checked out Jason Mraz? I'm sure you have. He's my new fav. for now. Love ya, Holly

Wendy said...

I FEEL it!! oh, how I feel it!