Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A few more climbing pics

It seems like I've been falling off of this climb forever Mike, but this weekend I felt close. Hopefully sometime this winter when we go back I'll get it.

It's called the Waltz (12d) and it is at Turtle Cave in St. George. Here goes the crux:

First move, big and easy
Then throw up and left to an edge and do a big move out to a gastone.

Here is the hard part for me. Mostly because I am uncoordinated. Hit this little edge 1/8" ish and flat.
At this point you are home free!
Scott did an amazing job on Actual Parchment (13b). Fell off the top like 80 times but that means he'll do it easy next time.


Saucisson #3 (nivlac) said...

Sup dudes. Looks like a great climb. What's it go at? And why hasn't Scott sent it yet? I think he's getting fat... :)

Alisa and Casey said...

Ha! The Waltz is 12+ and the one Scott is on is 13a/b

mdpart2 said...

I'm ready to go whenever you are...