Saturday, October 25, 2008

Old Photos

A few years ago Casey was given all the old photos my dad had of him and his family and he scanned then all and touched them up. I'm grateful he was able to do that. I love looking at old photos and getting a glimpse of the past. And I love hearing my Dad's stories ab0ut when he was growing up and what his life was like. Our trip to New York reminded me of these photos so I thought I would share a few. Well, actually it was very hard for me to choose so I am sharing a lot of them.
My dad Ed, in his crib outside of the farmhouse on Hosenfeld Road

Little Eddie

My dad and his Aunt Better who we got to see on our visit.

He looks a lot like my nephew Ethan here.

My personal favorite. What a great photo of the essence of childhood.

What a sharp lookin' fella.

May dad and his Aunt Betty blowing bubbles. Now that's America!

I love this one too.

Look at those ears! Just kidding dad, you look very nice in your suit.

That is one sweet bike! I wish I had a cruiser like that.

My Grandparents wedding picture.

My Grandma and her little sister.

My dad was a band geek! A man loves his trumpet.

My dad with his mom and my great grandparents. Are those brownies on the kitchen table? No boxed brownies back then just pure homemade goodness.

Another shot of Eddie with his trumpet case in hand. Probably on his way to a very important performance.

When we went to see his childhood friend Richard and his wife Carolyn, they brought out their old photo albums and many more entertaining photos were revealed. There was a phase when my dad looked like a logger with a big beard and there were some other shots where he resembled a young and rebellious Paul Newman. Doesn't it just fascinate you a little to think about what your parents were like before you were around?


Haylee Munk Brown said...

I love the picture of your dad in the row boat. That is a great picture!!

Ed and Susan said...

Thanks for the pictures on your web site. Dad's eyes lit right up as he looked through them. Sometimes looking at pictures from decades ago are comforting in such troublesome times.

Wendy said...

Looking at those pictures reminds me that dad grew up in a totally different world than we did...opposite to be exact!
Things were so simple and non commercial. Just give a kid a big bowl of water and a spoon and he's happy for a day. Now we have to give our kids electronics and their own TV.

daveandabbyjohnsonfamily said...

Those pictures are so neat, I love them! your dad is so cute!! Was that a big piece of card board underneath his crib outside? Love it!

What great pictures, thanks for sharing them.

KrisAnn and Aubrey said...

Those pictures are amazing! How great to have so many different poses of your dad as a child. New York looks like fun, too! What a neat vacation.

The Woolf Pack said...

Those pictures are great, I love looking at old pictures. I just did that over the summer with my mom and grandma.