Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New images for Julie

Hey guys, check out the lasted photo shoot for Julie on my photo blog and web site.  I convinced Alisa to be one of the models.  On my site they are under the people link.


daveandabbyjohnsonfamily said...

Alisa, you look so beautiful! your hubby takes great photos too.

Kristy and Dave said...

Gasp--Alisa, is that your SHOULDER I see? So immodest.

Totally kidding. I love this picture. If I had your shoulders, I'd show them off too.

Casey, I think you need to come down and take family pictures of Dave and me. If I have to look at old wedding pictures of us on my wall much longer, I'm going to get pissed.

The Woolf Pack said...

Alisa you have always been so gorgeous and those pictures totally prove it! Next year after we move, I am thinking we will ask Casey if he will do our family pictures. He does an amazing job.

Kim said...

look how beautiful your wife is! I love that photo the colors are amazing.