Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New York List of things to do

I'm going to New York with Alisa and her family soon, and I'm trying to put together a list of things to do while we are there. Anybody have any input? We are only going to be in the city for 2 days, then off to upstate.

Here are the few things that have been suggested

Central Park
The Met
Rosa Mexicano is highly recommended
Max Brenners (Where have you been all my life)


daveandabbyjohnsonfamily said...

Never been, couldn't give you any advice, but have such a wonderful time and look forward to viewing your pictures!

Wendy said...

Did you guys get my "Wendy's Ideas for NYC" e-mail??? Dave's #1 is The Met, my #1 is Central Park. I didn't look at restaurants because I figured we'd all just eat street hot dogs for cheap.

Alisa and Casey said...

yes we did get your email. It pretty much included EVERYTHING possible to do, but I think we can squeeze it all in ;) And while everyone else is in the MET you can eat your stinkin' hot dog off the street.
p.s. Bring Atlas Shrugged on Saturday. Thank you, That is all.

The Woolf Pack said...

When I went with my Dad, we took a ferry up to a little town Mystic, Conneticut. It is a cute little fishing town that we just walked around in and had some fabulous seafood. As for Manhatten, if you like shows then I would definitely fit in a show. Whether it is Broadway or off-Broadway, the whole experience is fantastic!

-dayna- said...

Maybe you could accidentally get on an express train to Queens....Oh wait, done that, it's not that fun.
Have a great trip!

Josette said...

see a show. if that's to your liking. my favs...les mis, jersey boys, wicked, fosse...the list goes on and on. and maybe this is just for alisa, but you should hit h&'s the best.