Monday, April 21, 2008

Tahnee and Tyson

So, Here are a few images from their wedding that I did some photoshop work on. I though they turned out pretty good. I already put them up on my new photography site.


mortonfam said...

WOW! Casey is it you? Good to see you are still alive! Hayley found my blog and now I've found yours! Hope all is well with you.


Charie said...

Hey Casey!

I found your blog through Roxanne's! It was so much fun to catch up on what you are doing. I went to your photography site. I was very impressed. Too bad we are across the country or I would have you take some family pictures for us. You are really good!

Looks like you found a beautiful adventurous soulmate. Hope to meet up with you both again someday.

Take care,