Saturday, September 19, 2009

7 Weeks & her new BFF

** baby overload disclaimer . . . If you don't like babies or are just sick of all the pictures we post of Amelia, do not proceed. We just can't help it since she pretty much consumes our lives and she is changing so dang fast we can't keep up.

7 weeks old and she is a smiley baby. When we go in to pick her up after she has been crying at night, she gets really excited to see us and smiles at us. Love it! Either she's smiling or crying and their both pretty dang cute We just can't get enough of her. She has also started sleeping through the night. Hooray!
Millie is becoming much more aware of her surroundings and it's fun to see her learn and discover new things. She gets so excited when she is playing by herself and observing the world around her.

Her cry is pretty hard to take serious. Its just way too adorable.

So this is new baby Lena. She is Millie's new BFF. Born just a few days ago, she is now part of the Bucc clan and pretty flippin cute! I'm pretty sure she has Scott's forearms.

This is their first dance party. Lena in da house whop whop!

singing a song. . . Millie loves harmonizing


SB said...

Millie showed her some good moves. Next- break dancing!

D,H,&E Cooper said...

omg how awesome. we need to get the twins in on this photo fun. i have the same strawberry outfit that used to fit my twins when they were tiny. Ellie's comment about these photos was, "They have two of em like mine."

Peggy said...

She is stinking cute! I love her smile, sooo cute. Lena is adorable, I'm so happy for Scott and Maggie. Hey Casey you do look a little like Millie when you both cry together.

Mary and Steve said...

I can't believe how chubby her little cheeks are getting! Take a little nibble for me :)

The Woolf Pack said...

She is the most adorable baby! Amazing how quickly they seem to get bigger & change.