Monday, November 30, 2009

4 Months!!

I can see how Millie is going to be 18 and moving out soon. Today she is 4 months, time is flying for us! Millie is an amazing baby! She is always smiling and laughing, she is already so much fun and has sooo much personality that it is amazing.

Things I love that she has done lately:
  • Laughing- This kills me!
  • Her smile, she always is smiling at us, and I love how her tongue pokes out when she is really happy.
  • How she gets excited to see us. She always has huge smiles for us when we come home. I'm glad that  she knows me and misses me too.
  • How I am excited to see her. I can't wait to get home and play with her.
  • Watching her discover. I think tonight she was learning that she can bend one finger at a time. She stared at this 30 minutes in pure fascination.
  • Her singing, she is always doing this cute little singing thing. I think this makes me feel like she has a good life so far and that she is truly happy. It also reminds me of my Grandpa Mitton and how he is always whistling a tune. How can it not make you smile.
  • She even sings when she's mad or cranky, except this singing is a little more whiney and urgent.
  • How playful she is. I'm glad that she likes me tormenting her (most the time), I can put her upside down and she likes it, swing her around. She is a lot of fun!
  • How strong she is getting. She'll be climbing in no time. She loves to sit up, stand up and feel like she is doing it by herself. I think its cute.
  • How much she likes being outside. This will make our lives much better.
  • She is a kicking machine!  She kicks like crazy when she is happy, excited, upset, you name it, she's kicking.  She can kick really fast too!
  • When she gets really excited she kicks and flaps her arms up and down really fast.  Or she takes both hands and shoves them in her mouth as she is smiling and squealing and gets her body into a ball. 
  • She loves being surprised to the verge of almost being scared.  It makes her laugh, except when I go too far and really scare her.
  • Sometimes when she is cranky and we are holding her, all she really wants is to be put down for a little alone play time.  This time to herself really makes her happy and calm.  
  • Unfortunately, she really likes watching TV.  Top of her list is Baby Einstein, Dora, any Disney animated movie, and So You Think You Can Dance.
  • She loves listening to music and being sung to.  She likes to sing along.  She especially loves music during bath time and when we put on the i Tunes visualizer.
  • She is quite the little talker.  She talks a ton first thing in the morning when she is just getting up, and before she gets in the tub at night.  But she talks and sings all day even when she is sucking on her bottle.
  • She loves taking showers with me.  She ends up falling asleep in my arms everytime.
I'll think of more later I'm sure.

These are from this last weekend's trip to St. George.
Gotta love the Pink Patagonia one piece suite. She liked it quite a bit and smiled the whole time she was in it. She must have know how cute she looked.When she was in it, she didn't move her arms too much.  It reminded me of the little boy in The Christmas Story.

Looks like someone found her toes.

Millie's BFF little Lena, getting cuter by the minute.


Brandi Hyer said...

she is just so dang cute! Its amazing how much you can love someone. And to think i have been trying to explain this to you for 5 years! I am glad you know what i am talking about now.

Peggy said...

she is so sweet. I love her pink patagonia suite. and the fact she can smile even with her binky in her mouth!