Friday, May 7, 2010

Hosenfeld Zion Trip

Hey guys, here are a few pics from our trip last weekend with the Hosenfeld family.

The first two are from a Ghost town. Kind of scary right?

It was super green and pretty all weekend. We were lucky with the weather.

Angles Landing

Good pic of the Polsens

My smokin' hot wife

Susan is a real trooper. She did the whole hike like a pro.

Great White Throne

This is sooo Ed

Hanging Gardens

To download a bunch of photos including these from this trip go here


dave&abby johnson family said...

oh man, i am jealous! it is so beautiful there, glad you guys were able to enjoy and looks like the weather was nice too!!! good times!

Heather and Dave said...

How in the WORLD does Alisa look so good after that 7 hour hike?? Oh, because she's SUPER WOMAN and a SUPER Model all wrapped into one. Love you guys - lets get together yah yah yah!! (sing it like Parent Trap ;)