Monday, October 4, 2010

14 months

Millie's life right now:

~ loves walking while holding on to our hands. she could do this all day and be content. she gets really mad if I make her sit down, all she wants to do is walk. Lately she has starting walking with the assistance of her little car, thank goodness.

~ She cruises around on all the furniture and has taken multiple steps on her own. She could walk full on but she's not interested. She is a speed crawler and that works just fine for her. I bet she wonders why anyone would be stupid enough to walk when they could crawl just as fast.

~ loves balls, dogs, sparkling water, black licorice, and showers.

~ gives the best open mouthed kisses. Besides people she kisses her stuffed animals, dolls, glow worm and our phones. That's right, our phones.

~ crawls around everywhere and gets into everything. She takes everything out of our drawers and cupboards. Our house is always a mess.

~ is very opinionated and knows just what she wants. If things don't go her way she can throw an impressive tantrum. Ask Casey to do an impersonation, it's pretty dead on. I'm trying not to raise a diva but man, she's got an attitude!

~ can say dad, ma ma, ball, duck, bob, backpack, map, boots. She can also repeat lots of words.

~ is the best sleeper ever! 12 hours straight at night and a 3 hour nap during the day. Thank you!

~ shakes her head no to just about everything and everyone.

~ has some major stranger and separation anxiety. She gets really mad if anyone besides me or Casey tries to hold her, pick her up, touch her or even look at her. She swats them away and is not very polite about it. There are a few people she will tolerate but not many.

~ Her two most favorite things are hanging out with her cousin Ethan and watching Dora. She also loves going on bike rides and playing outside.

~She is obsessed with Dora hence the words she can say. This is mostly my fault but not all of it. I need to start weening her off of it. She throws tantrums when she wants to watch it and I won't let her.

~ Has about 8 teeth. I'm not really positive because she doesn't like me looking. It was not a fun experience when 6 of them came in at the same time.

~ thinks she's pretty funny and will laugh at herself.

~ growls like a bear to scare us.

~loves listening to music and dancing. She likes to do this first thing every morning, and every evening before bed.

~ is either super sweet full of laughs and smiles, or she is over dramatic and emotional throwing a tantrum.

Tantrums or not, she is still stinkin' cute and we love her to pieces.


Lori said...

such a cute baby girl! Hilarious!

Brandi Hyer said...

LMAO - that was so cute! It was good to see you guys yesterday:)

Haylee Munk Brown said...

12 hours?!!! Mason still only sleeps for 1-2 hours at a time, and 2 15-30 min naps....I am so jealous

dave&abby johnson family said...

oh man, she seriously is too cute! good work millie on the naps!

Van of the house said...

Dora isn't too bad, I have grown to appreciate it and at least it's not some wiggles or teletubbies or some mind trippin show. Good job on the sleep habits. We are in survival mode right now.