Saturday, January 8, 2011

8th Anniversary

Another year gone by and another anniversary celebration!  Our anniversary tradition is to take the long treacherous journey all the way to Vegas in search of adventure.  Vegas is just as romantic as Paris, in case you didn't know.  Okay that's not true at all but there's not a whole lot of options if you're on a budget and it's winter.  Anyway, we had a fun long weekend of relaxing, watching movies, walking around, and eating really yummy food.  Casey had his adventurous craving satisfied by mountain biking and climbing.  My cravings were satisfied by eating at all my favorite places and munching on treats from Trader Joe's in between.
**Sorry for the iphone photos (ghetto).  We didn't take a whole lot of pictures.

We hit up the buffet for the all you can eat crab.

 Max Brenner's is never a disappointment.  

 Serendipity (Over-rated frozen hot chocolate.  Just got to Max Brenner's)
Yep, all we got were food shots.  weird.  

It was great to hang out with my best friend for 4 days straight.  Casey is so much fun and is such an amazing person.  I love you Casey, Happy 8th Anniversary!

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