Monday, August 1, 2011

Millie is 2!!

Millie had her 2nd birthday over the weekend. First thing we did was go out and buy her a car. Yep, that's how we roll. Most affluent parents buy their children cars when they're 15 or maybe even 14 but our little princess deserves it now. I guess casey will have to drive it for now but as soon as she turns 16 it'll be there for her.
We also went bouncing at classic fun center. Ghetto I know but she loves it. we also ate her favorite food (pizza) at the park and casey stuffed her full of cookies, candy, and popsicles all day since normally we're pretty conservative about that. We kept it chill and low key since we're having a party for her this weekend. When asked what she wants for her birthday she says a piƱata (pronounced perfectly with a spanish accent) and party hats.
Casey is the photo guy so he'll post a few pictures of the day later, and of course a picture of her new car.
Here's a list of things about Millie so I don't forget her at this age. She is so much fun and keeps us smiling and laughing constantly. We absolutely adore her. It's a long list so you can stop right here and I won't be offended.

~She is constantly talking and singing . . .constantly. if we didn't find it adorable, we might think it was annoying. She loves singing the ABC song, twinkle twinkle, old mcdonald, ba ba black sheep, the wheels on the bus, and the clean up/birthday song mix. She knows a lot more but those are her top favorites. She also loves 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed. She loves when we sing with her. If one of us is not singing (usually casey) she'll say "sing daddy"
~ Casey and I think she is pretty hilarious. Every parent thinks their child is funny but really Millie has an advanced sense of humor, we had her tested.
~ Whenever anyone make a mistake or does something silly she calls them a "silly turkey".
~ whenever we ask her a question and her answer is yes, instead of saying yes she does a little laugh.
~ I'm not proud of it but she is quite tech savvy. She can maneuver my iphone and ipad better than my parents. Oh wait, that's not saying much. Anyway she figures out how to navigate apps super fast. She still loves dora, baby einstein, and mickey mouse club house.
~ She loves reading books. Her favorites right now are green eggs and ham and the 5 little monkey books. I'm excited that she has finally graduated from the simple board books with just a few words and her attention span is longer.
~ She's a great big sister although lately she says "Ruby down" quite often. But she also let's us know right away when Ruby is crying "ruby hungry" or when ruby is just fine "ruby happy!" she also says "I want to hold it" a lot too.
~ She sometimes squeezes her cheeks and says in a deep voice "Hi my name's millie and I love cupcakes".
~ She is so sweet, loving, affectionate, and funny. Unfortunately when she's around strangers or someone she's not down with she gets an attitude and her social skills fly out the door. Because of this I think she gets a bad wrap of being winey, unfriendly and uptight. You just have to fight your way into her inner circle and then you can really appreciate her. Her favorites are her parents of course and then her grandmas.
~ She is a very picky eater and her food consumption consists of about 5 staples that I am too embarrassed to mention. Let's just say we give her vitamins and V8 fusion to help compensate.
~ ever since she learned how to walk she has never just walked but runs everywhere she goes. It's cute but she ends up falling on her face and scrapping up her legs a lot.
~ if she knows she's done something wrong or that she's hurt us or our feelings she'll say i'm sorry and kiss us without us having to ask.
~ Whenever we are driving away from our house she says bye bye to everything she likes (bye bye new house, horsey, jared's house, nanette's house, suzanne's house). She does this when she's going to bed too.
~ Dislikes - getting her hair done, changing her diaper or cloths, not getting enough attention because of ruby, vegetables or pretty much almost all food. People getting in her face, touching her, or looking at her if she doesn't want them to.
~ likes - looking for big trucks, buses and weewoos (fire trucks) while we're in the car, popsicles, and tackling and wrestling with her daddy, she likes all the basic stuff kids like at her age like parks, going on walks, playing with her baby dolls, dumping things out of containers and putting them back in, opening and closing doors. She used to hate holding our hands but know she really likes it. This makes us happy. She still loves weird things like sparkling water and black licorice. Oh her new love is coconut water, but it's too expensive so I don't give it too her that often.

Ok, I could go on and on obviously. There's a million things she does that we get a kick out of and a million things we want to remember about her right now. Anyway, pictures to come.

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Josette said...

ok, i love millie and need to hang out with her more...charlotte needs a good example. happy birthday millie!