Friday, November 25, 2011

My girls this week

I love my girls. Millie is super fun to play with and Ruby is super sweet and growing like a weed. We fake broke our TV so Millie would have to play more and watch TV less and it has been so great. She has the funniest imagination. I could watch her play all day! 

My friend Ashley Mackay made these sweet hats for my girls. She is selling them so if you are interested contact her on her site 

Millie loves her cat hat.

Ruby loved this pony that Arves and Tica gave us. And she looks cute in her little bear hat.

Ruby is super sweet and is full of funny grunting laughs and noises. She also has some serious binki rash. We are working on getting rid of it. I'm too lazy to PS it out of these. 

1 comment:

Dana said...

Oh goodness,
Millie is as cute as ever. Love the "fake" break on the TV.
And Ruby!? So sweet and chubby and adorable.
Love your family!