Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ruby is 9 months!

My kids are growing and time is flying! Life is moving fast and we are loving it!

Took these pics yesterday, a little after Ru turned 9 months. Both our kids are awesome and Alisa and I always talk about how much we love our lives. 
  • Amazingly independent, she can play by herself for hours
  • Doesn't want to stand or crawl, at all. But she does an awesome bum scoot to get around. 
  • Is super sweet, everything about her personality is sweet!
  • If you mess with her she will defend herself
  • Love Millie, but lets her know when she has had enough
  • Hates to be left in a room by herself, she wants to see all the action
  • Gets shy around strangers and puts her head on you for hugs
  • Pretty tuff, Millie kicks her in the head, knocks her down, sits on her, stands on her head, and wrestles with her all day. 

  •  At 2.75 years old she is an amazing little girl
  • She is full of personality
  • She is a ton of fun!
  • Pretty darn smart, she has many of her book memorized
  • She talks pretty amazing for a kid her age
  • Pretty brave most of the time
  • Always wants to play
  • Loves to wrestle with me
  • Loves to yell at dogs
  • She also has quite the little attitude 
  • Loves to play with her little fake animals
  • She loves her family so much! Parents, sister, grandparents, cousins, everyone. Even Jared.

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