Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ruby is 1 Years Old!

I took these a week ago trying to make an effort to photograph our #2. 
I have more pics of Ru coming from her celebration. I'll add them up when I get a minute. 

Ru is an awesome little bum scooter. She has the sweetest little personality and she is just fun to be around. She has a super spicy side too that doen't put up with any crap. It's definitely a good mix and of sweet, but not so sweet that she'll be messed with too much. She has quite the little temper. 

Ruby Facts:
She doesn't crawl at all. She only scoots. 
She can say: Mom, Daddy, Hi, what do you see, go, woof woof, uh oh and she gasps and says 'huuu' often.
I think she says more than this but these she defiantly says the most.

She is an amazing little eater and really does eat everything! We love it b/c Millie isn't eating at all. So at least Ruby is eating to make up for it. 

Names we call her: Ru, Rupert, Rubes, Ruby, #2

Happy Birthday Ru. It was a good year!


Lori said...

Such adorable girls! Cannot believe that little Ru is a year old!

Tica said...

Beautiful girls!! I love the last shot of Millie, she looks all grown up.
Ruby has the cutest eyes!