Monday, November 5, 2007

Holly crap!

So we have jumped on the band wagon...... we are now in the exclusive blogging club and we are feeling very hip, very, very hip. So anyways.


Jared said...

i knew it was just a matter of time before you joined the mass... welcome.

pretty sweet set up KC, you and nanette have something you can do on Saturdays now :)

Heather & Dave said...

Awww, you two are such a cute couple...and a very HIP couple! It was fun hanging out a few nights ago....we'll have to do that more frequently because once the bambino arrives, our world will never be the same. Welcome to the addicting life of blogging!

Kim said...

WOW I really didn't think the day would come. Welcome. It actually starts to feel like homework once you get into it it's always hanging over your head. Just a warning.