Monday, November 19, 2007

Trip to St. George

Just got back from St. George with the Buccs.
We did some sweet routes and had some perfect weather.

Casey gets sooo into belaying. He forgets to keep his hands
on the belay device and breaking rope at all time.

This is me on a 5.13C. Alright, so I am top roping a 5.11A.
I'm not hardcore but I'm okay with that. I still have fun.
I did spent a lot of the trip reading
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
I'm addicted and I will not stop until I 'm all caught up!


SB said...

You weren't toproping I was there! Casey is always Photoshopping a rope in to make himself look better.

Paige said...

Looks fun..We are heading to St. George this weekend. Where did you go climbing? Think we will be packing our gear.

Ben & Liz said...

Whatever-you look pretty hardcore to me. :) Looks like a blast! I'm glad you had such a fun holiday weekend.