Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend in Logan

We had quite the weekend in Logan. Alisa had not been up in a while and she misses it so it was over due.  We went climbing, went to Bear Lake, went to a wedding, and hung out with family.  

Here's my mom kickn' it Rock and Roll Peggy style

What a babe

Here is my cousin Kamie's kid Macy she was super cute!

the G team
I'm telling ya, she's a babe!

It was fun to hang out with Aubry this weekend. She almost wasn't scared of me after a few days.

So the good news was Ryan and Amanda got married! It was a super nice wedding and we are very happy for them.

They were all laughs the whole time. It was cool to see them so happy.


Haylee Munk Brown said...

I like all the pics! Especially rock and roll Peggy! Nice! I am glad you guys got to Logan, I miss it too. Did you see the book I posted on our blog? It is a national geographic book on Logan canyon. Pretty good book.

Brandi Hyer said...

We had a killer weekend. I am glad that you were able to join us. Cute pictures. I have a blog but i need a week to get it going.

Bethany said...

wow! Casey, your parents look exactly the same as they did in when we were in high school. Amazing! looks like you're having so much fun, as usual. And your wife is beautiful!
-bethany (ribble)

Haylee Munk Brown said...

I am glad that you got the book!!! Tell me how you like it!!

KrisAnn & Aubrey said...

Awesome pictures! Glad you guys could visit us for a few days. I think Aubrey has warmed up to you now. She thinks your pretty cool.

Mo said...

Oh My! Alisa? Holy cow! I have no idea how I stumbled upon you, but how cool to see you! I wasn't sure it was actually you until I saw Mount Rainier! You look happy! How fun!
Monique Goddard
(From HexaDuramata at USU!)

The Woolf Pack said...

How fun! We should be coming up to Utah in the next week (hopefully), and would love to get together with you. I'll get your email from kim and we can figure something out! -Jen

brandi said...

I love seeing the Hyer clan-the pics of Aubrey are so cute! Oh and I agree, your wife is beautiful! Hopefully we can arrange some hanging out sometime soon. Say hi to Doug and rock-n-roll Peggy for us.
Oh and I am bummed Brandi's blog is private. I'd love to see it if she feels inclined to invite me.