Friday, July 25, 2008

Zee Austrians

Our second family from Austria was in town this past week and we played like rock stars while they were here. Casey is still trying to catch up on his sleep. I tell you, Austrians know how to have fun!
If you would like to know how we were blessed to have this amazing family became part our our family click here. My sister told the story beautifully.
Let me introduce you to the Hoeferls:

Christian is way fun to joke around with and tease. He is just like a kid in a grown up body. He has an amazing gift for dealing with people and making everyone feel comfortable and welcome.
This is him when I tease him too much. (Sorry Christian but I had to post this picture)

And then there is Maude who goes on all the rides at Lagoon and goes on rocking boats even though she gets motion sickness. Who goes rock climbing (and ends up being super strong at it) even though she is afraid of heights. She will do anything for the sake of her family's happiness. She is super interesting to talk to too. Her outlook on life astounds me.

We were all so proud of Jeffery who overcame his fear of heights and climbed to the top of the cliff and allowed himself to be lowered back to the ground. He is a climbing machine! By the end of the trip he was getting more confident with his English too. Be confident Jeffrey, your English is really good!
Sweet princess Fiji (Sophia) I don't think I will ever meet such a sweet, cute, kind hearted, fun girl. Her smile lights up the room. She also has a catwalk that blows any super model out of the water.

And finally my nephew Kevin. Isn't he handsome? He is soft spoken, intelligent, reserved, responsible, and a lot of fun. He is naturally gifted at everything he does. I wish I had a little of that. I am so grateful that we have him in our lives. He is an amazing person.

We took them rock climbing and they were all naturals. But of course they were, they are from Austria where they constantly scale mountains in their lederhosen just like on the Sound of Music. And of course they are strong, just look at the Austrian native Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
While they were here we spent quality time boating, rock climbing, miniature golfing, go-cart racing, playing laser tag, late night nacho, pizza, and dessert parties, watching The Dark Knight, going to Lagoon, and eating delicious European chocolate. I could barely keep up. Thanks Jen for letting me tag along, I had a great time!


Ed and Susan said...

You did a great job describing this past week with an incredible family. The pictures are GREAT!
Of course, they're great---Casey knows how to put emotion in every activity. Thanks for the great blog on the Hoeferls.

Love Mom & Dad

Suzanne said...

Great post Alisa. I loved the pictures and your description of their family. I think you and Casey were with them practically every day. I could tell they loved being around you cause you guys are so fun to be with!

Matt and Kendra said...

Soooo, um if we come visit you, then we get to climb mountains, because I really want to try it, even though I am afraid of heights. Speaking of the gun show, I posted that picture just cause my arm looked like that, you will notice in the other pictures I am back to regular arms!!! Man, I miss you!!!!

Tiff n Todd said...

Casey it is your long lost cousin Tiffany! =) I added you guys to my blog. I love finding all these great blogs. Your wife is beautiful. Sadly I don't think I have met her and if I did it was long ago. =( Hope to see you kids some time soon.

nickandmindi said...

Looks like a blast! Glad you guys are doing good!
I went private with my blog! Will you email us at nickiveliason(at)hotmail(dot)com so I can add you guys!!