Friday, August 15, 2008

People Watching

Casey and I went to the twilight concert series at the Gallivan Center the last two Thursdays to enjoy the sounds of Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah and Nada Surf. I don’t know if it was because of where we were sitting, but I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the stage instead of looking at all the bystanders. I got to thinking about how much fun people watching is. I don’t care what people say about Utah, we have diversity. I couldn’t stop looking at people dancing and interacting, it was so entertaining and it made me smile. I saw groups of people that reminded me of myself at different points in my life and I kept expecting to see a long lost friend appear from some chapter in my distant past. I always love seeing people out of their houses enjoying themselves, especially in the summer.
If you enjoy the hobby of people watching, here is a list of my favorite spots in the SLC area for the sport in no particular order.
1. Concerts (preferably outdoors)
2. Lagoon
3. Ritz Classic Bowling Alley on State Street (most bowling alleys for that matter)
4. Farmer’s Markets
5. Liberty Park (preferably around drum circle time on Sundays)
6. High School Reunions (I am only guessing since I missed my 10 year reunion last weekend)
7. Walking around downtown
8. The finish line of a marathon, half marathon, or any other race

Did I miss any?
By the way, the concerts were excellent and they did a really good job. Anyone up for Broken Social Scene next week? I love free concerts!


Wendy said...

Whenever Dave and I go to Lagoon we always snap pictures of interesting if not rediculous people. Last time we got this sweet shot of two huge, tatooed polynesian men sitting on a wall with their cracks showing. It was priceless.

Ed and Susan said...

Your Dad a BIG "people watcher" He'll sit quietly absorbing the individuals as they walk, talk, sit, run. I'm distracted by other influences (noise, weather, location etc)

Nanette said...

I think Gallivan is my favorite place!! I'm really sad I couldn't see Clap Your Hands Say Yeah with you guys. :(
Good Luck on your half marathon next weekend!!!

Kristy and Dave said...

Thank heaven you remembered to include the bowling alley on State Street--Dave and I still talk about the drug deals that HAD to have been taking place when we went there.

Matt and Kendra said...

Hey sweets, I will definitely put your order in for our home, I don't care what Matt says if it makes you happy!! I loved reading your post on people watching. It reminded me of when I went to a concert with my sister and we saw the funniest drunk break-up ever!!Love you.