Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sam and Anya's wedding

So I just did Sam and Anya's wedding up in Logan on Friday. It was awesome. Anya is really great and her and Sam are a fantastic couple. I have know Sam for quite a while, and he is a solid character. Also known as 'the smartest man I know' by many people. No really he is a genius for real.

Anyways, I really liked the way these two interacted together in these images. The highlight of the wedding for me was when Anya was starting to walk down the isle, instead of the wedding song coming on, a really awesome techno song came on. We were all laughing pretty hard. Anya is a Russian model, so I really think she could have pulled it off well, but eventually they got the right music and proceeded to the ceremony.

here is a link to the unedited version of the wedding:

Pre Wedding:

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Bethany said...

ah, how great to see some Stolpe pictures. They all look so happy! Congrats to Sam and excellent pictures, Casey!