Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The first solo trip

Just got back from Las Vegas! It was our first trip without the little one and boy did we sleep!
We did hit Red Rocks for some climbing. It was super warm and sunny and we had some kickin' naps!!

Millie grew like 14" while we where gone (not really), and was pretty pissed that we left her.

Thanks Mom for taking care of her. I'm sure she loved it!


Kristi said...

awesome.... Matt and I go out of town so we can actually sleep in. Glad you had a nice little break. I believe that little trips away make you a better mom or dad. And it helps relieve any stress and reconnect with your spouse.

Ed and Susan said...

A short quick break---best thing we ever did when Alisa was young.
Glad you could start this great tradition

Heather and Dave said...

What a great time to getaway! Glad you all survived the first solo trip. Love love LOVE the Christmas tree photos! Too precious!