Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just a few (I mean lots of) pics from over the holidays

Here are some pics from the last little bit.
Me and Alisa kickin' it in Vegas without the little one.
Millie got some of her first solids. Yeah, momentous.
It is taking her a while but she is sitting up more and more. But what do you expect, how would you sit up with cheeks this big.
She is also playing with toys more and more. These are some of her current favorites.
We do story time with the one above and this other funny cow (she's looking at it). She loves it!


Brandi Hyer said...

She is so cute! I like her way much!

Peggy said...

I think she liked her toy better than the food! What a sweetie.

RVS said...

she's the cutest little tub-o-lard ever! Love those cheeks.

The Woolf Pack said...

She is so cute. The first Christmas is always so fun, but it just gets better!
Did you LOVE Red Rock? We love going hiking out there. It is so gorgeous.