Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just got back from AZ.

So I just got back from AZ for a week. I was pretty excitted to see the fam. Millie has been saying da da da, the whole time I've been gone and really I just missed her and Alisa.

It was pretty adorable to see how excited she got when she saw me at the airport. She was flapping her arms and smiling really big. It was adorable. It almost made it all worth it. 

Also she is getting better at sitting up. She can sit in the bumbo for quite a while and loves it. But she is just getting to the point where she can start sitting on her own for a few seconds before she falls over.


The Woolf Pack said...

those chubby cheeks are just too much!! I love this age when they are exploring everything they can do.

Peggy said...

Okay that's just so cute, I think she was a fish in the first life, She loves it. You need to get her in lessons with you, she could do it.