Monday, January 18, 2010

Yeah..... we bike

We just got back from a long weekend of climbing and biking in St. George. We had a huge crew and it was super fun. Alisa and I just got mountain bikes and we were pretty excited to try them out. We went with Jared, Nanette, Scott and Anne and did part of the Bear Claw trail.

I've only biked in Moab and it is fun, but this seemed like way more fun! Check out these rolling hills!

The next day Millie loved the hike out to Turtle Cave. She kicked the whole way out and back and crashed pretty hard when we got out there.

It was a great weekend!!

Here's Lena

The over worked Millie

I'm so excited!

She also liked pulling my hair on the hike out. Better pulling on my hair then yelling in my ear.


Brandi Hyer said...

She is such a fun, happy baby. I am glad that you guys had fun.

Allison said...

looks like fun! Did you guys camp with millie? If so, I want to know how it went.. we haven't taken Violet yet. She is just too cute. I need to see you guys soon.

Russ H said...

Hey, where did that sweet pic of Millie in the backpack go? We were down in St. George last weekend too...we need to hook up next time!

Paige said...

that last comment was from me.