Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just 3 days old

OK sorry about all of the pics but look how much she has already changed!!!! She is getting cuter and cuter every minute.

Today we came home and have had lots of people over already. If you guys want to come see us that would be great, we are really enjoying our time, and lovin' every minute.

This is Amelia and her favorite toy.
I thought it would be fun to compare her to some of her toys so we can see how small she was.

This is her pet monster.

We all are lovin' these hammocks, perfect for the baby!
She really loved this pack. She instantly fell asleep for about 4 hours!!

Grandpa Ed and Amelia taking a little nap together.


Bethany said...

ah casey, you look great with a baby! she is beautiful and I love the cherry onesie! enjoy the infant stage, they change so quickly.

Roxanne said...

Wow Casey, you look so giddy with your cute baby girl. She is amazing! Congrats to you and your wife. I am so happy for.

Kim said...

She is so cute and so tiny! I can't wait to meet her in person! Keep the pictures coming!

Lori Sume said...

Casey, you look so perfect with your little daughter.

Heather and Dave said...

How fun! Congratulations - you're parents now!! She's a doll, and gorgeous just like her mama. Can't wait to meet the little peanut and hear all about Amelia's birthday.

Van of the house said...

She has so much hair. Gee, I wonder what color it will be? maybe blonde. Keep the pics comin. She's an angel straight from heaven. Can't wait to meet her. Lots of love and luck,
The Healey's

The Woolf Pack said...

She is adorable! Isn't it amazing that you can just sit and stare at a baby while they are sleeping? Congratulations on the new arrival!

(Don't you love the ergopack? I still carry my 3 year old every once and a while)

The Riches Family said...

ALISA!!! She is gorgeous! Congratulations! We are so excited for you & Casey! Hannah & Hunter think she is so cute! :) Thank you for letting us take a peek at her! Hope you are doing well. We love you!

Ed and Susan said...

Great pictures of Amelia with her Dad