Thursday, January 24, 2008

This is rad

I found this from a few months ago and thought it was rad.

Monday, January 21, 2008

OK, I've got a one track mind

no! not sex! So we just got back from Red Rocks. In case you are wondering we rocked it. We were totally sick but it was still rad. Also, it was awesome to eat at the best Thia food in the US, definitely the highlight.

This route is super rad, and not too hard.

Yes, also a most premium 13a, even though you have to perch and lock off.

Yeah, I'm not good at perching or locking off, but I touched it.

OK, so what do you see? It's definitively a rabbit chasing a bird.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Horray for Ouray

Here are some pics from our 5th annual trip to Ouray over the long New Year's weekend. It was a great trip of soaking at the hot springs, speed scrabble (sounds pretty geeky but it was fun), skiing, ice climbing, freezing temperatures, fireworks, being a bunch of nerds with MacBooks, and of course no trip would be complete without something going wrong and some kind of drama. This year was a car accident. Good thing no one was hurt though.
Good Times. . . .
A portion of the ice park

Chris showing his mad skills

An intense moment with Jared

Probably the only picture of Casey ice climbing. Poor Casey, always taking the superb photos but never being in any.

These two photos are of me on my favorite route. Super long but easy. I love ice climbing because you feel like such a bad ass when you are doing it even if it's not that hard.

I love my big puffy down coat (and of course Casey too!) I think I have on six layers in this picture. It was the coldest trip we have had so far.