Thursday, April 29, 2010

two front teeth

This little girl has tons of attitude. 

Amelia has been teething lately and got two teeth!  Unfortunately it has not been a fun experience for her, she was pretty wrecked during the whole thing.  That could also have to do with the fact that she was sick with a bad cold too.  Here is Millie trashed and miserable from teething and a fever while at the park.

Kind of a train wreck.

We always have fun at home after work. It's nice to just play with her and enjoy her.  She's feeling better, can you tell?

Love the tongue 

There is a noise that goes along with this face

And this one

well, this one too i guess

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

the hammocks are up and the sun is here

Millie is getting a TON of personality. It's funny to watch her laugh, fake laugh, laugh at herself, and do her spaz dance. Here are a few pics from the last week.