Wednesday, March 31, 2010

8 months

Amelia is such a happy baby. She is so much fun and she is constantly making us laugh. Here are a lot of things about Millie at 8 months. (it's a long list but i want to remember everything so feel free to stop reading right now)

Millie loves clapping her hands and flapping her arms when she is happy and excited. She even does it when she's super mad. She claps her feet together too! So pretty much she is clapping and flapping a large amount of time.

Her legs are always moving and kicking with great speed. She is getting very wiggly.

She is really good with people. she is very attentive and observant. She doesn't miss a thing. She pays close attention when people talk to her or when people are talking to each other. It's like she is absorbing their conversations and understands exactly what they are talking about.

She gets A LOT of attention from strangers and she loves it! she thrives on attention, it definitely makes her happy.

She still smiles at ceiling fans and light fixtures.

She gets the chills very easily. she gets them the most when she's eating. she makes a really cute sound when it happens.

She is rolling around and is transitioning to crawling but I still think she is a little ways from accomplishing that.

She has so much personality. I can already tell that she is goofy, funny, friendly, and outgoing. She has a sense of humor and is sweet and very playful. She is generally always happy and is definitely a people person, just like her dad.

She covers her eyes and plays peek a boo. we have to say "Where's Millie?" before she will take her hands down.

She loves being adored. If we could walk her around all day showing her off to complete strangers she would be in heaven.

She can't handle eating anything remotely solid or thick, it makes her gag. She can only handle foods that are pureed nice and smooth.

She still has the best laugh and smile ever! I love when she scrunches her whole face up and smiles, so cute!

When she is mad or is throwing a tantrum, it's really hard not to just laugh and smile at her because it's still cute and funny. She isn't mad very often so it's pretty entertaining for us.

She is a great sleeper.

She gives the sweetest hugs and wet open mouthed kisses.

She says dada and dad a lot and ma ma once and a while. she communicates mostly through grunts and screams and high pitched squeals. She also makes raspberry or razz sounds a lot.

Her scared face is priceless.

She is scared of dark haired men until she gets to know them. She's not prejudiced, she just doesn't have a whole lot of dark haired people in her life.

When she is eating her night bottle, she must have her glow worm right in front of her face so she has something to look at and slap at.

She has a great attention span. She is getting much more into reading books and can sit and stay focused on it for almost the whole book. Her favorite book is Goodnight Moon. She can also watch Dora the Explorer for quite a while. I'm not sure how I feel about this but it definitely comes in handy on road trips and planes. She also falls asleep pretty easily to Dora. she likes Baby Einstein too.

She loves pulling hair, she even pulls her own.

Things Millie hates: having snot suctioned out of her nose, having lotion put on her face, have her face wiped, getting changed into cloths, her toys when they don't do what she wants them to do, being sick, taking a bath if she's over tired, if a "toy" is taken away from her (remotes, cell phones, paper, computer), when she is put down when she just wants to be held, being tired or hungry.

Amelia is changing and growing so fast it freaks us out. We wish it would slow down but we really are loving every minute of it.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hangin Out in Austin

We are in Austin TX and Loving it! Good company, good climbing, good eateries, good to hang out as a family. It is super nice!
We came down to hang out with our good friends Arves and Tica and see what Texas is all about.

This is Millie riding her first bucking bronco.

Millie in a field of wild flowers, they are everywhere right know.

Arves and Tica

This climbing is soo cool!

Millie is clapping her hands all the time now.

We are wearing this poor little girl out.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A few more from the weekend with all the gals

These are from St. George Baby Fest 2010.

Scott and Maggie's kid and Dan and Holly's Twins.

As you can see there was a crew of kids. It was a little intense but good times where had by all.

Now when we go on trips we no longer post extreme climbing photos, we post baby pictures.  Sorry about the change.  I guess that's what happens when you have a baby.  Of course we still went climbing but it ends up being a totally different experience than before.  Still fun, just different.

Monday, March 22, 2010