Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ru at 7 months

Time is going super fast but we are loving every minute of it! We love our little family!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Full of Personality

We try to have fun around our house most the time. Here are some pics of my girls having fun doing nothing.

This is Millie right before she is going to be attached. 

Minding her own business....

Are you looking at me?! (make the noise hmm)



Her playing with the toys she stole from Grandma Hosenfeld. She loves these old animals, and lines them up and talks to them for hours. I love her little imagination. 

The Baby pig is her favorite.

Giving then all some tea

Here are some of Ru with a punching balloon. She pulls some pretty good faces while she is doing it. 

Notice Ruby's twisted tong. She can curl it and twist it all at once.  

The Girls this week

Here are my girls. They are growing so fast and we are just cruising along. 

They have been super cute lately. They play together pretty good. 

Ruby is an amazing baby. We can leave her alone to play by herself for hours. She is so content and happy, it's amazing!

Millie has been getting better and better at playing with her. She attacks her with screaming tickles and Ruby loves it. They are cute little sisters. We are loving life!