Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day

It was an amazing day!

We had fun the entire day, the kids loved it and we were in heaven all day!

24th Party!

I have really missed going to the Mitton 24th parties. And with good reason, they are super cool! We go on horse rides, sing careoki, dance and play games. 

I love it! 
Even thought I missed the Hosenfeld party, I grew up with this. And to me this will be what you are suppose to do on Christmas Eve.

Look at my girls!!  

The Team of horses

Yeah, she is loving it! But really, who gets to do this?!

Alisa learning about 10 gage guns and how to kill buffalos  

My little angle

The kid-o's

Ruby is a real trooper! 

Throwing snow is super fun  

Clearly by look at this face, Millie loves this! But what's not to love, ponies and her BFF cousin.

Her last pony ride cost me $5 and was only 2 minutes long. We clearly got a much better value here!

Temple Square

If you had a hard time buying LED Christmas lights, its because Temple Square bought most of them. 

It was really cool down their this year. I hope you all had a chance to make it down.

fact: Jared always cries over the sheep. You want proof, here you go. 

Is Haylee taller than her mom? 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's good to be us!

Here are a bunch of pics from our little camera of us just having fun around the house!

We took tracks to the Grand America. It was super fun!