Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Casey!!

Casey turned 31 on May 20th and we had a fun time celebrating.
I know this is a week and a half late but one of the reasons I love Casey so much is that he is understanding and patient so I know he'll forgive me.
He got to party all day at work and after we headed down to American Fork Canyon with a few friends to go climbing. What other way would Casey want to spend his birthday?

I know this is where I'm supposed to list 31 reasons why I love Casey and why he is the best husband in the world but I think that would be a bit too long and too much.
But I will tell you a few reasons why Casey is an amazing person (everyone already knows these anyway).
1. He is one of the most friendly, approachable people I have ever met. He is just like his dad and grandpa in this way and it really is amazing to watch people immediately feel at ease around him. It is truly a gift that I wish I had.
2. You know the saying "heart of gold", well Casey is a true example of having a heart of gold. He really cares about people. He would do anything for not just me or his family but anyone. He is genuinely a really good person.
3. He is passionate about life. He has so many things he's into that there is not a dull moment with him. He can pretty much do anything and if he can't do it, he will learn fast. He is the go to guy to learn about his passions and he loves sharing what he knows with others. He is always learning new things and expanding his interests.
4. He makes life fun! Even if we are just sitting around I know I will be laughing at his goofiness.
5. And very last. . . I know he will make an amazing father. I am so excited to see him in the role of a dad. He takes such good care of me and is always kind, respectful, and fun loving. I know he is going to pass on all his wonderful qualities to baby Amelia.

Alright, 5 isn't too bad right? I love you Casey and I hope you had a great birthday!

May Update

It's been a long time since I've posted instead of Casey. I'm surprised I remember how to do it! Well, the last few months have gone by really fast, here's an update. . .

First, the belly shots:
I'm 32 weeks (2 months to go!) and growing bigger every day. I don't really notice it myself until I see a picture or catch my reflection in a mirror or a widow as I'm walking down the street. It always catches me off guard and I have to do a double take. Is that really me with the huge belly sticking out? weird. . . .

This is me a few weeks ago at 30 weeks.

This was taken today at 32 weeks.

Moving on to our "backyard". We (okay not me personally) tore everything up (deck, concrete, "rock garden", ivy, honeysuckle) and poured new stamped and colored concrete. We got a new grill, big ceramic pots and a few other touches. Casey is in the process of building a pergola. I wasn't thinking and didn't take a before picture and we're not quite ready for the after picture yet, that'll come soon. But Casey has had a lot of fun with the new grill so here's a photo of one of the dinners he made us:

Next up . . . Escalante! We went to Escalante over memorial weekend with my family. I love the dessert and it was an especially beautiful trip. The rain kept everything nice and cool and green. It was perfect.
The storms made the sky look amazing.

It also made the roads really muddy. This is us rallying in a mini van.

This is me barely squeezing through a slot canyon. A few more weeks and I'm sure I would have been stuck.

Doesn't Casey takes the best photos? I'll let him post the truly amazing ones later.

lower Calf Creek

Death Hallow

The steep hike down to Death Hollow. No one died, it was a miracle. Thanks Dave for keeping us calm and safe ;)

Casey getting excited at Devil's Garden. I tried to jump but didn't make it very high.

Alright, and to finish off this enormously long post, I wanted to throw up more photos of Costa Rica from last month. I'm on a roll and who knows the next time I'll post. It could be a while. But than again, I only have one more week of school left!!

We went to a sloth sanctuary and got to observe lots of baby sloths. I wish I had a permanent smile on my face all the time just like them.

Here Casey's just thinking about riding Salsa Brava, no big deal.

Casey, just being cool like usual

This was the sweet beach house we stayed in.