Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ruby's other Birthday Party

These pics are from Ruby's birthday/My family reunion in Wellsville. It was a great day filled with princess crowns, toys and tears!

This is how we parent, just threaten with knives. 

What no toys for Millie!!??

One of my favorite summer things to do is play in this ditch in Wellsville 


Life is so unfair!! 2 seconds later....

Everything is totally ok. Oh girls...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Ruby's Birthday Day Cake

It might be funnier if you create your own story based on these images. 

The truth is she just didn't like it, or something. And big sister Millie, stepped in to help out.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ruby is 1 Years Old!

I took these a week ago trying to make an effort to photograph our #2. 
I have more pics of Ru coming from her celebration. I'll add them up when I get a minute. 

Ru is an awesome little bum scooter. She has the sweetest little personality and she is just fun to be around. She has a super spicy side too that doen't put up with any crap. It's definitely a good mix and of sweet, but not so sweet that she'll be messed with too much. She has quite the little temper. 

Ruby Facts:
She doesn't crawl at all. She only scoots. 
She can say: Mom, Daddy, Hi, what do you see, go, woof woof, uh oh and she gasps and says 'huuu' often.
I think she says more than this but these she defiantly says the most.

She is an amazing little eater and really does eat everything! We love it b/c Millie isn't eating at all. So at least Ruby is eating to make up for it. 

Names we call her: Ru, Rupert, Rubes, Ruby, #2

Happy Birthday Ru. It was a good year!