Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chubby Baby Bumble Bee

Dirk and Laura were kind enough to let us borrow this cute outfit for Millie. So we took off to the park and hung out for a little bit. Yes this is the third post today and no we don't have anything better to do.  But we sure do love our life, and this little girl!

Millie's 3 Months

Millie is getting sooo huge! She is still  nonstop smiles and fun. This morning she got put in bed with us because she was wide awake at 6. She fell back asleep until 8 and then she woke up cooing and smiling. It made our day!

We think she is really pretty

She loves her hands and mouth lately.

A few more from St. George last weekend

This top one is from last week. But I'm putting it up for my dad. The rest are ones I missed from our other camera from St. George last weekend. I didn't look at them until today, but I thought they were pretty funny.

Yeah, she has cheeks!

Millie with cousin Lena. They were pretty good and let us climb for two days at Chuckawalla. Millie got a little sun tan even though she was in the shade all day. I think they had fun though.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Best work day ever!

So today was the big Stampin Up Halloween party. It was amazing! Our team did Zoolander for the theme and I really thing that everybody did an over the top amazing job. It really was a non-stop part. The Best day at work ever

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend in Zion

Just got back from a weekend in St. George and Zion. It was great to hike and climb and hang out with friends. Climbing was funny with Millie and Lena. It was fast paced with the babies and climbing, but well worth it.