Monday, June 30, 2008

Day at the Park

At the beginning of May, I went to Liberty Park with some of my nieces and nephews, my sister Jen and Bro-in-law Martel. Somehow Martel got roped into the job of pushing kids on this contraption. As other kids saw that he was up for the job, the line began to form and get longer. Martel took his new job very seriously. Pay attention to the end of the clip when Marty busts a kid for cutting in line. I couldn't stop laughing!
*Sorry about the quality. I haven't quite figured out how to post videos

Here are a few photos of the cute kids at the park



I love these guys!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wasatch Back

12 people running 3 legs each + 181 miles + 25 1/2 hours + Logan to Park City + lack of sleep + quality time in a van = The Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay Race!
My  friend Maggie invited me to be part of her all women team made up of some of the members of her running club.  The race was a really fun and challenging experience.  I am convinced I had the best team ever!  They were all super strong runners but most importantly  they were very supportive and positive.  The results are in, we got 7th place in the women's only division!  Way to go Runamok Divas! 

Here I am just about to start my first leg.  Oh, the fun is just beginning.  Don't I look fresh and confident?  Yeah, that look didn't last too long.  

I really enjoyed the legs I had.  I had some beautiful views (even when I had to run at 4:00am)

 Here was our secret weapon. . . Coach Bill!  He coaches the running club and he knows EVERYTHING there is to know about running and fitness.  He volunteered to drive the van, offer council and support, always made sure we were taken care of, and he makes the most amazing recovery drink that I think saved me.  Thanks Coach!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mt. Olympus

For my dad's 69th birthday my sister Jen and I went on a hike with him. But he didn't want to go on some easy going leisurely hike, he wanted to hike to the top of Mount Olympus. If you've done this hike then you know that it's long and strenuous both going up and down. It's not for the faint of heart. But my 69 year old dad hiked it like a champ! No matter how many years he adds to his age, he will forever be a young-hearted (even immature), adventurous, energetic man who is always excited to get out there and be active and explore. I'm proud of you dad! Now all we need to do is Lone Peak, Twin Peak, and Mt. Timp. Start training . . .

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Little Red Riding Hood

School got out two weeks ago and time is already going by way too fast.  This is the first summer in quite a while that I'm not leaving the country for a long period of time, so I had to pick up a new hobby.  I bought a road bike almost a month ago and I love it!  It's a great break from running and I love how much further I can go on a bike and how much more I can see.  
My mom, my sisters Jen and Suzanne, and my sister-in-law Nanette did the Little Red Riding Hood cycling event last weekend with me.  It was in Logan and we rode 80 miles!  It was so much fun (a little uncomfortable by the end) and it made me miss Logan even more.  It was gorgeous and  such a perfect place to ride.  Next year we will for sure ride the full 100 miles!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Angie & Ronnie's wedding

So got to photograph Angie's bridals the other day. Angie is like a little sister to me so I was super excited to do these. Anyways, Ronnie is awesome and they are a great couple.

I've been waiting until after their wedding to put these up, just in case Ronnie came across them.

I shot these with a 1ds mark II and a 1600 watt battery powered strobe. I also had three great assistants to help out.

I already added these to my photography site

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Southern Utah this weekend

So we climbed in St. George's Cathedral area this last weekend. Temps were nice. It is really in the middle of nowhere.

We also got to hang with my brother and sisters kids at the pool. Pretty to climb and hit the pool in the same day!