Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Girls

Ruby is already 3 months now! We are so lucky to have her as an addition to our family.
She is such a good baby.
She is very social and always want to be able to see what everybody else is doing. She wants to be held constantly to be part of the action).
She still sleeps amazing at night, but not so great during the day.
She still loves to eat every 2 hours and is getting chubbier by the minute. Her cheeks are starting to compete with Millie's but not up to her standards quite yet.
She smiles, coos, laughs, and is a very sweet girl!

The best part about our basket ball court is drawing on it with sidewalk chalk! Good times.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Family

In the middle of getting our family photo taken Millie squeezes her checks together to make them chubbier and says in a deep voice "Hi, my name is Millie, and I like to eat cup cakes". I love this funny girl!

This was the best part of the day by far. 

I love my little family.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Fair

Millie love the fair today. Especially all of the ana-mana-nimals (animals).
She loved riding the hose most of all. She said she wanted to ride a horse like a cowboy.

It was pretty cute to watch her interact with all the different animals, it was a great day.

Judging the cows

Pure joy!

Ruby Laughing

She really only does it the first 20 seconds or so. After that is just us try to get her to do it more.
But we where pretty excited! Ruby is getting pretty darn cute.