Friday, February 12, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

6 months!

Millie is such an easy, happy, fun baby and we just adore her.  Here a some new things about her:

She thinks dogs are hilarious. She laughs at them most when they are running around and when they jump up. Too bad we will never get one!

She still loves ceiling fans and lights, especially the ones in our house. She will look up and smile at them.

When we have been out of town and we get back home, she is so excited to be home again. She excitedly looks around the room and smiles at everything.

She is a good sleeper (most the time) and has started sleeping on her side.

She has started eating solids. So far so good except carrots reek havoc on her system. No more carrots for Millie for a while.

She knows her name.

She likes the world better upside-down.

She has very strong core strength, and is constantly arching her back to make sure she stays strong.

When we are holding her she wants to get down so that she can walk. The only problem is that she can barley hold herself up on her legs let alone walk.

she LOVES her high-chair that attaches to our counter. She swings her legs the whole time she's in it.

She loves sucking on wet wash cloths when she's in the bath.

She loves drinking water from a cup or a Perrier bottle.

She loves it when she sees one of us after we've been gone at work.

She still has the best laugh!  We are always trying to figure out new things that she thinks is funny.  She laughs the most at night when she is tired and almost ready for bed.

She's been sick for a few weeks with bronchiolitis and an ear ache. Poor little girl has been wheezing and coughing and in pain.  It's been so sad to see her sick.  But she is feeling much better and is getting back to 100%.