Friday, June 13, 2008

Angie & Ronnie's wedding

So got to photograph Angie's bridals the other day. Angie is like a little sister to me so I was super excited to do these. Anyways, Ronnie is awesome and they are a great couple.

I've been waiting until after their wedding to put these up, just in case Ronnie came across them.

I shot these with a 1ds mark II and a 1600 watt battery powered strobe. I also had three great assistants to help out.

I already added these to my photography site


Suzanne said...

Wish I would have known you when I got married :)

Ed and Susan said...

Casey, The pictures are Great!

You are so talented

nickandmindi said...

Those pictures are awesome! You are so good!!!!

peggy hyer said...

what a beautiful girl, and a talented photographer.